About Us

The Phoenix House, Inc. of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is a freestanding, non-profit Transitional Housing facility (Level III.01) that began operation in the late 1960’s as a half-way house for alcoholic men and evolved to its current mission and structure in 1994.  During this period, the Phoenix House provided opportunities for addiction recovery in both residential and outpatient levels of care.  The primary mission is to assist individuals in their recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and help them return to society as productive members.  Success is achieved through individual, group and family counseling, vocational and adult education, life skills training, and job training/placements.
A Transitional Housing is a bridge -- a point of transition.  In the case of persons recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction, it a conduit between a primary treatment program for substance abuse and a return to life and work in their respective communities.  It is a place to continue to learn and change with structured support.
The length of stay is determined by the client’s needs, their attitude , and working toward their treatment plan goals. The Phoenix House offers residents opportunities to change. These opportunities are numerous and are offered in a positive, structured environment designed to be free of negative peer pressures, financial pressures, and countless external influences that affects early recovery.  Change is primarily accomplished through individual and group counseling combined with community based twelve-step groups. The residents of Phoenix House are provided food,shelter,employment opportunities/obligations and transportation.